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Hi my name is sophie i live in England and i can only speak english, but i can also speak a bit of french and a tiny bit of german and japanese only in romaji letters though (I can some times speak in kanji letters but only when i use google translate -. -')

To define my style of drawing is impossibe I dont realy have a drawing style but i love drawing anime and manga, i also love reading it and watching it, i also like listening to vocaloid (im not a fan girl) but i just love anything to do with anime or manga in general.

Manga/anime I watch and read:

Shugo chara(my favorite manga ever!),K-on!,Karin (aka chibi vampire),Ichigo mashimaro, Spiral, The big adventures of majoko (I read just 1 book :L) and kitchen princess <3 I also listen to miku hatsune and loads more vocaloid charictars :D

Well thats around about it I guess ^-^ ... Oh and also I would like to give a big shout out to my fans too thank you all so much! without you I would be nothing on flipnote hatena!!!