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Is a program in the videogame Tron Legacy..

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Is a program in the videogame Tron Legacy..

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Hey everybody (who bothers reading this)!! My name Nikki! I'm the owner of Aya&Souki, a book/Flipnote series. I've always wanted to finish and publish the Aya&Souki manga (working on it now X3) and I've ALWAYS wanted to see Jesus in person!!! Team Jesus Rules!!!

Aya&Souki started on paper, I was in school and I started to draw my charaters doing things, then i got my dsi and thats how it all started!

Aya&Souki is about 6 teens who always seem to have that wildest of days. On the way the meet flufflekinz and flufflecats and maybe even a PRINCESS?! Here are some characters:

Souki: Heres one of the main charaters, Souki! Souki is an open-minded girl. She's 14 and has a twin, Sukeo. Her best(est as she says) friend is Aya. Souki is very creative, is a great althete, and loves pulling pranks on Sukeo. She is known for her new-moon scar by her left eye(the one under her bangs) and for being the one of the Lost Warrior of Hyrule. She is also known for brushing her hair diagnoly, to keep her bangs swept to the side!

Aya: Here's our second main charater, Aya! Aya's parents are millionares, therefore, they are very overprotective. Aya is 14 and has an older sister named Natsuki. Aya is very quiet,sesitive,polite, and clean. She has been Souki's friend seens 1st, when Souki stood up to a lst grade bully who was picking on Aya. She loves princesses,drawing, and flowers. She also loves it when Souki comes over and they play in her tire-swing. She is known for being all-blind in her left eye and for being the second Lost Warrior of Hyrule.

Natsuki: Natsuki is a gothic 16 year-old commonly found in her dark room texting. She can be bratty, but mostly annoyed. He has her mother's voice, therefore she can sing very beutifuly. She loves: its when Aya(her little sister) leaves her alone, black, and the darkness. She hates: it when Ryuu stalkes her in the park, nature , and when she has to do stuff outdoors. She has a crush on Shiro,who is her age. (only he's like...a thousand years older? XD)

Ryuu: Ryuu is one of the most popular boy charaters. He's 14 years old and a one..BIG...MAJOR crush on Natsuki. Sometimes he'll even stalk her in the park... His best friends are Sukeo and Naoko. He lost his mom when he was 3 and all he has left of his faimly is his dad and 21 year-old sister who goes to college in the UK. His dad is usually never home because he's a doctor. He is usually home with is bunny, Pepperoni. He's known Naoko seen they were babies. He pulls lots of pranks on Naoko and sometimes can be a little rude, But is always sorry. Best known for wearing a striped tee he got from his older sister Tora.

Naoko: Naoko is 14 years old and is the cutest thing on EARTH!!!! He is always scared, hungry, lovable, friendly, and forgive(est....thing...) He has known Ryuu seen they were babies. He is always with Ryuu (well, not ALWAYS) and Sukeo. He likes Aya, but thinks she hates him for being too baby-ish. He can cry a lot and tends to hind behind Ryuu even though you can still easily see him.

Shiro: Shiro is 16,745 years old (aka 16). He has cat ears and a cat tail because he was born in the Hyrule. He is a teenage flufflehuman. He was choosen to train Aya and Souki to fight and defeat Mirrathina (the BAD bad guy). He has a special bracelette that hinds his identity. He is usually found sitting in the Training Area with Souki and Aya trying to get them to focuse for about a half an hour, then a whole other hour trying to teach them one move.

BIG FAT FACT: Ok, so, my friend thinks Shiro and Natsuki like eachother and are dating. NO NO NO NO NOOOO!!!! Natsuki likes Shiro but SHIRO doesn't like NATSUKI!!!!! please, don't make this mistake. its EMBARASSING!!**

Sukeo: Down to my last OC (not counting flufflecats and flufflekinz) Sukeo. Sukeo is Souki's twin brother. He loves to mess around and hang out with Ryuu and Naoko. He also likes putting gum in Souki's hair when she's asleep. He usually is in his and Souki's room or outside. He and Souki live out in the country, so he is always first found doing their chores. He and Souki are always competeing in random things. Mostly horseback riding.

Well there you go, all my human (er..ALMOST human)OCs. They are all owned by me and are copyrited!! so if you steal them trust me, i WILL find out and fine you $2000.00 dollars... Thank you and goodbye!!


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