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Edit:I felt like putting something... All my friends on Hatena left, or something... Right when I got back on too. I can still post from europe... Come on. I'll miss them, but you can't kick me off here yet! I shall post in their honor! ( Jill, Rachel, Nin/Roy... Negi/Hamdan, BrownRice, Alex Riz... and all!)

I LOVE MANGA AND ANIME SO much that i have to wright it down. I finally know what Vocaloid is...And...I LOVE IT LIKE HECK!!!


My Birthday is April 30 i was supposed to be born on 23 one week

My first Anime was Sailor Moon(never got to finish)Digimon,Pokèmon,Hamtaro,Robotech and Gundam(first 5 I can be sure are the first 5...

Uuuhhhh.....What else should i say?

Does any one else hate Math? ( i rather run the mile 3 times...i think) I made my account on Hatena on April First April Fool's Day 2010

First Anime's i remember watching...

Sailor Moon, Naruto(When it first came on cartoon network), Full Metal Alchamist(by accident and spelling?) One Piece (stopped watching) Prince of Tennis(dont get it for some reason and not purposly)Zatch Bell(I forgot what it was about) Bleach (first with the Manga) School Rumble (not in order)Digimon,Pokèmon,Robotech and Gundam(most of all the other series)

Mangas first oneS Naruto (hardly just watch it) Bleach (watch and read) Death Note, Me & My Brothers, Rosario Vampire and uh...I'll say one more uh... Tokyo Mew Mew...oh What the Heck I'll say Yotsuba...

Sorry for wasting your time and do Digimon and Pokémon count?

(I just finished Fruits Basket (manga) AND I LOVED IT!!!and more...)


Soul Ninja A.K.A. AngelBeats