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Name: Drak(Drakula) with a k not a c ಠ3ಠ

Age: 19

birthday: April 7th 1992


Hatena Family: Scarecrow, Izzac, No-one, Mr.B, Soopakat, Pocho(paul),Mellow, Raton, Cookie.


Thing's Drak hate's: Large tacos, 90% of Other people, santa, sea food, butter, God/christians, being stabbed in the back by someone, large crowds of people, hell(its stinky there), rap/hip-hop, country music, hairy feet, some dogs, old people.(list goes on for 20 mins)


About drak: I guess I would say im a darker person. I don't fear nore hate death. Im a huge fan of it. Im in a bad mood 70% of Ze time and Im very picky with who I decide my friend's are. (trust issues + people are retards) Im not into "mainstreem" things like everyone els. I never submit to the norm. And i have a short temper. Doesn't help that this site is full of snott nosed brats under age 12

True im in a nasty mood much of the time but im still a good friend and I've been know to have a loving nature like a big sister.(depending on my mood lol) anyway If you got somthing to say, say it. If i don't agree with it or if i feel you've waisted my time and yours I'll probly delete your comment(s) and block you. Im a no nonsense kinda person.ಠ3ಠ my rule is; if somone hits you you hit them back.

Now go read a book or somthing....why are you still reading

thins? i mean its painfully obvious im just try'n to fill this last little spot here lol