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i love hatena, and im psyched to b here! i love anything but stealers, FRs, scammers,star beggars, and other bad people.

my deviantart:

my o.cs are:

Starpaw: Cat Badger Thing ( i just create, i dont think)


The Batoarks: half bat, half zoroark

Flamishan: chloestar's brother and the pre-evolved form of reshiram

Night runner: evil thing

Kyamo: ...

LumaStar: Clone Wolf

SparkleStar: Wolf

RoarinStar: mouse-ish thing

ChloeStar: not exactly sure, but resembles Starbunny

Sky Grenade: my newest character and a baby wolf training to b a ninja

Kierei (kee uh ray): idk, but resembles a fox.

Kiera (kee uh ruh) Keirei's mate

my friends in real life:aryssa, grellwolf, creepwolf, snow tiger, and

unfinished flips that im working on: keep holding on-avril lavine (starbunny), the kill- 30 seconds to mars (vampstar and vitestar), misery-maroon 5 (chastar and vampstar), something with me and creepwolf, about you now- miranda cosgrove (victini), behind these hazel eyes- kelly clarkson (vampstar and chastar), falling in the black (starrabbit, starbunny's love), waving flag (all chars), a tale of a trillion years and a night (chloestar), the bird and the worm-the used (sparklestar and lumastar), float (all batoarks), rabiosa- shakira (starpaw and moonpaw (starpaw's girlfriend)), prisoner (starrabbit and starbunny), what can i say- shealeigh (lumastar), scary monsters and nice sprites- skrillex (roarinstar, starguard), sober- kelly clarkson (lumastar), your love is my drug- ke$ha (lumastar) breakaway- kelly clarkson (vampstar), idk the song, but its with twilight and night runner, idk the next song, but with chastar and vampstar, a spinoff of pika-san's flip with vampstar, kyoto- skrillex (all chars), ravers in the UK (all chars), and 1 last thing: can you tell i dont have a very big attention span?

if u dont like my animations, thats fine with me, but please dont criticize me. thanks!