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I absolutely love drawing, I want to try animating, but I guess that's something I need to work on... A LOT. I started drawing manga/anime at the age of 7-8. I was actually influenced by my mom's friend's daughter. My mom's friend's daughter's drawing style was in particular shoujo. So I started drawing girls with huge eyes. Until I was nine, I started getting into reading manga and watching anime. So by watching, I gained more knowledge! I never learned from anyone, just by watching anime so basically I was self-taught. I tend to change my art style time to time because I just love experimenting.. D: that's the bad part about drawing. But, when I look back, I would always laugh because I would always ask myself,"Did I seriously draw that?" I'm currently watching Gintama.. it's such a hilarious anime.It tends to get serious, and then sad, and then somehow make the seriousness go away with something hilarious. Love. Just. Love. It.

"A woman's best make-up is her smile." - Gintama

I JUST FINISHED GINTAMA... NOPE. I refuse that Gintama is ending! They've always trolled us! D: Now I have nothing to look forward to watch... FFFF----