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My names Abigayle and i am a CHRISTIAN!!!^^ and Sonic lover :D im scared of ninjas and gorillas that pop out of no where D: im 13 turning 14 in May 31 :3 i still have my sonic plushie i call "Speeds" ive been drawing sonic for...3 years now ^^ OH and uhhh...check me out on DA my user name is SpeedsTheHedgehog:3 i dont really respond their much...but i have been there for a long time now ^^

~My drawing

Ahhhh...my escape from this world....i draw because it controls my emotions cuz growing up for me when i was little was hard since my mother took me away from my father :'C and the rest of my family...but while i was away i met this boy named Joseph(mario artist^^) he was my best bud and still is :D he taught me how to draw(lol not really i watched him)but if it weren't for him i would never be here...THANKS BUD ^^ BUT....having to be here breaks me...having people taking my ideas,characters,designs everthing i ever worked for,for hours and hours...</3...


im here to spred the word of GODS love and to show the world what i could do(lol bad idea XD)and im here to fight for all those people who where ran out of here by those SAD EXCUSE OF PEOPLE(false reporters,trolls,ect..>:U)IM HERE TO STAY....but i may be taking some breaks every once and a while cuz of real life things or cuz im tired of some people here(which is not always)


Xeno Cadious Young(aka Speeds)

Max Goodmin(aka Light)

Xerin Cadious Young

Kaius Cortet Manira

Malcom Noco(aka Jezaret)

Katelyn Young

Lucas Martinez Yooung

Skylar Martinez Young

Retro Electro Pampolona(aka Jason) *cousins o.c*

Isiah Tino Pampolona(aka Shadow) *cousin o.c*

Jacob Noco

Corvan Manira

Tevric Pakics (aka sam)