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Hai Hatena, I'm Nathaniel, but call me Loo. I live in Hollywood, Florida, yupp dah sunshine state :D

My favorite hobby is drawwing(DUH), I liek techno and electric music, my favorite Mario character is Baby Luigi XD

Yah, I'm emo... I think of committing suicide at random times too O_e

My favorite color is purple and blue d:

My epic frayiends:







Jester and $DB2 I know in dah real life :D

My goals:

50,000 stars COMPLETE

100,000 stars COMPLETE

150,000 stars COMPLETE

200,000 stars

250,000 stars

350,000 stars

500,000 stars

10 color stars COMPLETE

20 color stars COMPLETE

25 color stars COMPLETE

35 color stars COMPLETE

40 color stars COMPLETE

50 color stars

70 color stars

100 color stars

Flippy Notes to cum:

Walking the dog MV

Happy Happy Joy Joy MV

Ask my OC's questions

Icons for frayiends

Well thats it so im gonna say my favorite phrase...

Awesomness and cake!! -Loo