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You enter a forest with the soft sound of a waterfall. As you walk further into the forest you step on a letter. It says....*My name is Kiara...Life has been hard..My mother was killed by my father and I left my home behind. IT was hard on my since I was only 4 months old. I ran into this beautiful forest at 6 months old. By the forest is a vast desert where wolves also live there. I often go there to visit my friend Dune. In this forest is where the Shadow Prowlers live. They live in a deep part of the forest where a volcano is. There used to be a pack called Silent Shadows but that pack is known as some wolves. I was once part of the pack where Tyger, Silvermoon, Dune, and I lived. SilverMoon did not like how Tyger was acting and left. I followed because I didn't know what else to do. Dune left and then Tyger was alone. Now Shadow Prowlers constantly attack poor Tyger. I don't know who to follow, Tyger or Silver. We all used to be friends. What has torn us appart? Before all of that happened I had a mate. His name is something I will never mention...for he left in the middle of the night. Without me knowing anything..I have been looking for a mate..but not just anyone. I am waiting for some wolf to ask me...not me ask them..If you reading this note, I am probeley finding ways to survive and who to follow. Who are my real friends? Will I live or die in this forest...I don't know any of these I just keep on living, fighting, and surviving in the world of Wolves. I don't know where life will take me..but I just need to worry about Life and Death.