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I am a derp.

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Short Kat

I am a derp.

Self introduction

Name| Dawn

Age| 13

Gender| Female

Species| Dragon

Boyfriend| Spyro

Game Series| The Legend of Dawn

The Legend of Dawn| A New Age

A new age emerged throughout the dragon realms. And in that new age, a purple dragon was born. He was a legendary dragon. This isn't his story though, this is the story of Dawn, the legendary black dragoness. Her birth was five years in he process: The Magic, The Spells, and The Parents. Finally, the day came. July 16 was the day that she was hatched. After she hatched, she also recieved a collar that had her nickname on it. On her first day in this world, she learned her name, Dawn, and her nickname, Shortie. 9 years had passed since her birth. Her father Valgore, and her mother Shade, decided to give her the elements- Shadow, Phantom Scream, Death Shriek, and Dark Lightning. Over time these elements formed upgrades- Shadow Beam, Phantom Shriek, Deathly Wail, and Dark Fuse. Her father Valgore taught her how to do regular combat in his way of training. Soon, she was prepared. Her sibings, Shadow, Blood, and Zena all taunted her as she was sent on a mission to help Spyro defeat Cynder, the evil dragoness. When Dawn and Spyro returned from defeating Cynder, Spyro let the good side of Cynder join the team. Dawn knew that day that her friendship with Spyro was something more.

The Legend of Dawn| A Dragon's Retribution

Two years after the incedent with Cynder, the team had to go out and defeat yet another boss- Gaul, The ApeKing. Through many years the three traveled, until they met Gaul in the large mounain. Since this was somewhat Dawn's fight, she was the first brave dragon to challenge Gaul. She used her Phantom Scream on him, and it sent him backwards. Dawn wasn't looking when his immensely sized hand threw her into the dark beam of energy. Spyro was next, but the same thing happened to him. While Dawn and Spyro were in the beam, something bad happened. The Lunar Alignment. While The Lunar Alignment passed, the beam started to glow a dark purple, turning Dawn and Spyro dark. They both leapt out of the beam, and killed Gaul off with their immense power. Then, after the bloody battle, the duo leapt back into the beam, causing the dark energy to flow more. Cynder couldn't take watching them suffer. She used her wits and power, and knocked the duo out of the beam. This action caused the mountain to start to collapse. Spyro held Dawn close to him, while Cynder grabbed Sparx and jumped in to. Spyro remembered the Chronicler's words, and encased the team in a giant, orange-gold colored crystal. This crystal protected them through the destruction of the mountain.

The Legend of Dawn| The Darkest Hour

The legacy of Dawn and the team continues in the third installment of The Legend of Dawn series. After three years in their crystal imprisonment, it was time. Spyro, Dawn, Cynder and Sparx freed themselves from the crystal. While they were out cold, grublins put a chain on Dawn and Spyro, and locked them onto a contraption that held them there. They were forced to defeat the Earth Golem. As they faught him and killed him, Cynder got locked up with a cheetah named Hunter. Sparx flew through the keyhole, and freed them. Then, Spyro, Dawn, Cynder, and Sparx met Hunter. Hunter took them through many lands, until they reached Malefor's lair. When the team went through Malefor's lair, they saw how horridly ugly it was. Then, as quick as lightning, Malefor picked Dawn up. He began to corrupt her, turning her into one of his evil minions. Dawn then jumped down, and started to hurt her friends. She wasn't controlling herself, Malefor was. After Spyro had lost hope, Dawn faught the corruption and turned back to normal. She ran to Spyro, and comforted him with a kiss. Spyro blushed, and smiled warmly. Cynder then went up to Malefor, and he corrupted her. After this, the battle went to the skies. Dawn and Spyro defeated Malefor and Cynder, but brought Cynder to their side again. Then, Spyro recieved a message from the dead Ignitus. He then knew what he had to do. Spyro grabbed Dawn and looked her in the eyes and said, "Dawn, even if I don't come back, remember that I will always love you." This caused Dawn to cry. Spyro tried letting her go, but she refused. Dawn clenched onto Spyro, staying at his side. Cynder then cried, wanting to be with Spyro. Cynder flew down into the crystal, and stayed with Malefor instead. With one touch, Cynder turned back into her alter-ego, Evil Cynder. Spyro, Dawn, and Sparx then used their power, and returned the peace back into the realms.

Full name

Kayla Marie Hussmann [Or Dawn :D]


Female of course..


13 going on 14


July 16

Blood type



Drawing, Racing on my scooter, playing soccer, role-playing, star-watching, and video-chatting.



Place of residence


Place of birth



Drawing, Riding my scooter, singing [RARELY], video gaming, online gaming, board games, ETC..

Special skills



English, Pig-Latin, and Carni.

Favorite Chiz

Spyro, Luigi, Malefor, Ignitus, Cyril, Hunter, Sparx, Crash, Coco, Neo Cortex, Gex, Danny Phantom/Fenton, Raven, Beastboy, Robin, Pikachu, Okami, Godzilla, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Nightmare Moon, Celestia, Luna, Discord, Finn, Jake, Derp, Randy Johnson, and waffles.

Skype dawnfurydragon and my username [current] is Randy Waffle Pancakes Johnson