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Hey its me CharlieB or CharkStark

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Charlie's Quest 2

Rebels of America 1

CharkStark 1


Almaz: My very best friend on Hatena hes always been there for me helped me made flipnotes hes amazing and will be back on his b-day. Without him Hatena would be boring and sad.

Bluepichu:I met her at her chatroom she is really funny and cool and a good friend.

Mag: Met him a few times see him at Blues Chat hes really RLY FUNNY!! and fun to talk to.

Yosh: He is very observative a good friend and funny says OBJECTION alot.

NytroX: One of my newest friends he is great at animating we have alot in common like zelda etc. I was his 4 or 5 fan.

Boomer: A good and one of my first friends I met him at his Justin Bieber flip he is great at animating.

Vincent: My 40 fan really good at drawing he helped me with an important problem.

KingJ: My biggest inspiration of RPG flips and my fav creator he helps me with my RPG skills and rates me he is a very good friend.