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Hey its Squill!!!!!

Heres an interview from Zebra!!!!!!!!

1.Consider yourself interviewed >:D

Yes I will XD

2.Have you ever had a different name on here?

Nope dB

3.How many trains have you been hit by recently :3

OVER 9000 XD

4.What do you consider your best flip?

My Drive By MV :)

5.Who is the most popular creator that is your fan?

Qwerty he is a boss >:D

6.Y u munchin' on that cheeseburger?


7.What sports do you do?

Baseball and basketball like a pro *-*

8.Well, buh-bai >:D

Bye I am bored now XD

Heres an Interview from Zackkngboo!!!!!

Hai Squill its your old pal ZackKngBoo with an intah-voo >:D

1. How do you feel about Squirtlings

I think they should be a little more original. BUT WHO GIVES A HOOT!!!!!! XD

2. Does it bug you at all that people get your and Spikes OC confused?

Well yea, it kind of bugs me.

3. Have you ever talked/chatted with a popular creator?

I've chatted with Squirt! That is where I met you! :D

5. I skipped 4 >:D

Yes, yes you did. XD

6. Whats the reason that your named Squill?

I liked the sound of it and I wanted a name that started with Sq. dB

7. How old are you?


8... Theres no 8. were done! xD

Eh I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!! XD

If you want to make me an interview write it as a comment on my most recent flipnote!