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I need to heal, to start new, I need to feel, it'd help if i have someone like you. I need a clean slate, a brand new plate. I need a break from the hate, no it's not great-take the bait.

I take back the lies, the fake truth in disguise. I look up at the empty skies, i wish my life was as simple as these pesty flies, the opposite of the punchingbag for the 'big bad guys'.

The truth's what we make, don't say it's fake, for christ's sake. It's do or die- will it be you and him or you and I?

I need to heal, to seal the deal, from my cage of hate i repeal.

I need a healer, a happiness dealer, not a joy stealer. I need time, life gives you a lemon-it gives me a lime. I don't care if you like the style in which I rhyme, you're opinion doesn't matter, you'll be the mad hatter, mixing the d@mn cake batter.

I need to heal, from routine i need to peel, my hate is something you can steal, i'm done with the drama horsecr@p, with all the sentimental experimental sap.

I need to heal, to wake in the morning to a brand new meal; to break the steel.

From hate i need to heal.

So i'm going numb... oh well. Not like anyone cares...