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Small passport ^^

Name: Heleen

Nick : Pooky

Birthday: September 9th

Fav Colour(s): Purple, Black, Pink and silver

Likes: Nail polish, Drawing, MLP, RPG, warrior cats , reading, cats,

tigers, Photography, friends, jewelery, posters, Summer,SONIC ;D ...

Favorite Month: June

Any questions ? just ask ;3

My main Chara~ Darkness the cat

Age~ 16-17

Eye colour~ Green

Fur colour~ purple-grey

Powers~ Darkness and sound waves

Good-Evil~ Evil

History~ Darkness was a prototype created in a lab, She should be goed but her mind was wrong so she got Bad. When she gets high emotions or when sche gets upset she loses control.The lab was about to kill her cuz she was getting too dangerous, but Darkness could escape.