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Hi there!~ Welcome to my page!~ Thanks for visiting, and I hope you like my flips!~

Ah, so about me. Let's see.

I'm Rosa~

I'm 13~

I'm a not-so-normal teenager who is a neko and can transform into a cat at will!~

I love anime and manga! Even though I'm not so good and drawing it~

For most of my flips I use my chara, Chiaki~


I have deviantArt!! Come have a look at my stuff~


Things I'm working on:

Your Love Will Surely Skyrocket☆ PV

Skrillex MV


Randomness Flips

Collabs x like, 15 OTZ


My Goals:

Get a flip on first page of "Most Popular"

Get over 10 000 stars on a flip * Achieved*

Get a Red Star * Achieved*

Get a Blue Star *Achieved*

Get a Purple Star

50 Fans *Achieved*

100 Fans *Achieved*

200 Fans *Achieved*

300 Fans

400 Fans

500 Fans


Bye!~ Thanks for viewing!~