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yo! this is me, i'm kinda new to all of this! so ill need lots of help with these things(flipnotes) so if you waana help me id be eternally gratful XD! all righty so about me is that i love to make new friends im very open hearted i hate it when i cant help or cant get to sleep on time,or else i get REALLY cranky and moody, i love doodling/drawing/music/spin-offing/making mvs/ tking requests and ya thats about it...oh ya and i'm currently making a series plz read it! ^_^ oh ya on to the hates. i hate false reporters(don't we all?)i ate rude/mean ppl.i hate when i cant play on my dsi or not have inernet.... and ya thats it! if you waana favorite me id be happy to do that with you. im very open hearted and a goofball so if we were to chat or somthing i promise we'd never have a boring one! i love you all!