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I mainly choose Kirby to draw because... well... Kirby is easy to draw. Now I've been working on a few things. One is an epic story about Kirby meeting his counter-part, Dark Kirby, and going on a quest to stop him and save the Hatena world. Another is a series that I might do. Its called "The $uperK!rby Show". Its about Kirby, taking a break from his quest and answering questions posted by YOU!!! Again, I might not do so, but still, post questions and I might make the series. Updates may be on here or on my flipnotes. GO KIRBY!

(\_/) "don't do it"

(ಠ_ಠ /

c(")(") Help teh fuzzy bunneh take over hatena! post him to ur profile description!

LOL! Credit to Lynk for the bunny!

Update: If your wondering where pt.2 of "The Next Dimension", you have to go to's creator room to view it. He should be in my favirotes/fans list if that clears things up. And thats your $uperK!rby news of the day.

Now to the Hatena Weather Station:

We are sorry, but this station have been shut down due to the laziness level...

If you all we're wondering, I'm not quitting now! I've been inspired to create, people are'nt ignoring me, and... Well... I'M NOT QUITTING!!!

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