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Hello people of the world! I'm DarkFire, or what ever name you like to call me. I honestly think i should change name/character for my OC because people get confused with me and DFtm. O.o oh well, on with the bio!

Well, my real name is Kristyn. Im a 13 year old thats in 8th grade. i have 1 brother, 1 sister, 1 half sister, and 1 step sister. o3o yaaa..... I love to draw, play soccer or any other sport, hang out with friends, and play mario games. Oh, if any of you have SMBB or X-box live, please tell me! maybe we can play sometime. I have alot of favorite bands, but my all time fav is either 3 doors down or Daughtry. My favorite foods are pizza, cheese sticks, strawberries, rasberries, pickles, chicken, steak, , sandwiches, vegies, and plenty more! Um, i'm a straight A student, but my worst subject is Social Studies. (where i have a 101% on XD) So... ya i'll add more things to this as time goes on.

Update 2/2/11: Hurray!!! snow day today!!! i am so happy because i really needed a day off of school. All upper indiana had blizzard warnings so ya, we had a blizzard, and contining right now. I hope we wont have school tomarrow too :D Oh, ya... also i havnt been active lately..... i have ups and downs with Amv/ RP's so i havnt been active.... ill try to catch up!

Ok, i think that's it, BYE!! ~DarkFire