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~On Break~

Heh heh... Uhh... You know some times when you say things and right after you say that the next week or so it turns out it never was going to happen?... Well,... Fox will NOT be scrapped due to the fact that he's a vital character to my account... Soo... FALSE ALARM!!!! ^^' sorry about the false info, guys!! My bad... Oh and I almost forgot, recently, scientific reaserchers in the class of Spiritual activity and history, (Not Real!! I made all this up) Soon discovered a miss translation in the ancient text (I sound like a nerd... I know...) and realized that it is called the "Night Walker Spirit" not the originally addressed "Night Crawler Spirit" (But you have to learn to Crawl before you Walk, I guess... Heh...) So, now that THAT'S cleared up... Here's the info:

Sonic the Hedgehog: he's really different. His personality is ALOT like mine! Here are his forms that he knows of:

That's all (for now...)

Age: 15

Species: Hedgehog

Singing voice sounds like: One Republic, Bass Hunter, Tyo Cruz

Favorite bands: Maroon5, One Republic, Skrillex

Likes: Music, his friends Tails and Fox, Chillidogs, parties, and his creator (me)

Dislikes: Amy, egg man, bad Chillidogs, relationships (he doesn't want a GF EVER), anchovies, and people who say things he doesn't understand and/or dislike parties

Here's my other most common character, Fox McCloud:

Fox: Very sensitive, yet fun loving at the same time. Will have the tendency to over react during break ups, @rguments, and l0ve. Here are his known forms:

Age: he SOME HOW can switch his age from 16, to 21, or 26...

Singing voice sounds like: Linkin Park, Adam Lavine, Kendal and James from Big Time Rush, There For Tomorrow, Skillet

Favorite bands: Linkin Park, Maroon5, Skrillex, and Tyo Cruz

Likes: Pokna the Fox, singing, Linkin Park (their his FAVORITE), the StarFox Team, his friends Slippy and Sonic, and Pizza

Dislikes: Krystal, Falco Lombardi (sometimes), Wolf O' Donnel, Lax (an O.C of PoKanZo's), anchovies, and spoiled brats

I'm going to let the boys type up their background history by themselves... Don't be surprised if anything is self centered, as in when Fox talks....

Sonic: "Hey, it's me, Sonic, this is a new version, since my creator didn't quite understand the original. My story:

I was born and raised on Angel Island to parents unknown. I grew up with my buddies Tails and Knuckles, well, occasionally Knuckles... I was warped here to Flipnote Hatena by my creator, and that's when my history and personallity changed. Knuckles became a music producer, and I haven't seen Tails ever since our first music video made with Knuckles. I work with Knucks, or, FOR Knucks, and make music videos, and I'm suposebly Knuckles pop-star. I meet Fox during a video, he was singing about his GF being hu.rt and was in the hospital. He sounded pretty good to me, so I decided to meet him after he finished the video. We never made a video together, but I hope to someday... I was the original weilder of the Night Walker Spirit, until one night me and Fox were hanging out at my house. I was on the computer trying to learn how to control my powers of the Night Walker. I found a spell that transferred the spirit to the nearest other living being. I read the wrong description thinking it would let me turn into and out of Night Wallerr form at will, and used the spell. Unfortunately, Fox was watching me use it, and the spirit went inside Fox. No matter how many times I've told Fox to transfer the spirit back to me, he says he doesn't want anyone else to have to witness the crue|ty of Night Walker form. Ever since then, he could never seem to learn to control his power. Unlike Fox, I can control my dem0n form, Fox can't. That's all for now, Sonic, Out! ZOOM!!!"

Fox: "Hello all of you readers! It's me, the amazing Fox McCloud, 5 time savior of the entire Lylat System! This is my story, it's much better than Sonic's, mines more interesting. Here it is:

I was born to my parents James McCloud, and Vixen McCloud. Both of my parents d!ed to unknown reasons, but suposebly my dad d!ed to my main enemy, Wolf O' Donnel. For years I've been trying to @venge my father, but Wolf just keeps coming back. My mother, though, noone knows what happened... One day while I was with my friend Slippy, she suddenly went missing..... I grew up with Slippy, and we were collage mates. One day, Slippy and I were sent here by my creator. We have only made one video together, but ever since then, the only other videos I made were with my beatiful GF, Krystal. I met Sonic after my comutose music video. He sounded like a pretty interesting guy, so I started hanging out with him. One night, Sonic was trying to tame some "Night Walker" thing, and at first, some weird dark red spirit was swarming around Sonic, next thing I know, I'm turning into some beast covered in dark red goo, and had cut$ in my hands. Ever since that, he's been wanting me to use that spell, thing, so that Sonic would have the spirit once again. I keep refusing, for I can't let my best friend have to $uffer like me. Krystal soon afterwards became a spoiled brat, and we broke up soon after we warped here. Soon, I quit working with Knuckles in the music video industry, and started working with Blaze, in the R.P industry. I soon noticed how Sonic, too, worked with Blaze, so he does BOTH music videos, and R.P's. I've been thinking about getting back with Knuckles, though... Now adays, I have my new GF, Pokna. She's an O.C, that belongs to a creator named PoKanZo. THANKYOU POKANZO FOR BRINGING ME AND POKNA TOGETHER!!!! Update!! I JUST signed the contract with Knucks, Im in the MV buisness once again!!! Sonic SHOULD post the contract announcing my agreement with Knuckles that i do MV's once again!!!!That's all, Fox, Out!"

That was the boys (I told you Fox was self centered...) There is one more character... She, or me, is new here. My name is Tigras. (Not really, she is just basicly me in Flipnote Hatena) I'm not one for the whole MV stuff, mainly cuz I'm musically CHALLENGED... I have a rather unique story, but first I'll tell you my profile stuff.:


Age: 14 (Not in real life...)

Species: Human-Tiger cross breed

Gender: Female (Girl, for all you uneducated folks)

Main field (Basicly best talent in the arts of combat): Hand-to-Hand combat

Ok, now that THAT'S FINALLY DONE!!!!! Here's my story:

"I was born and raised by my mother "Meso" and my father unknown... Most of my life is obbused, but not by my parents. No, I'm talking about my sister, Ookami. Talk about a spoiled brat with nothing to do but turn her own sister into her own slave... Or should I say "Punching bag"?? Well, one night, I was wandering around the backyard after being truly tormented, I noticed something odd about one part of the house... There was a woven fence chunk covering what appeared to be a hole in the side of the house. Well, I guess curiosity k!lled the... Tiger-Human... Thing.... As I desided to carefully pry if off with a crowbar I found laying in the garage. After breaking off the few rusted nails jammed in the wall, I took a peek inside. I saw the most BIZZARE thing I could have ever imagined! A... Circle of... Dust? Wind? Fire? A swirl of red and white air just... Floating there... Swirling around and around... As curious as I was, I gently... Ever soo slowly... Reached for the mist, when,... Some of my worst nightmares came true... The dust flung itself at me and blew through and all around my body as I slowly changed... And then- Black out... As I slowly gained consciousness, I found myself in a way I never imagined... Sharp claws, fangs, And... Lots of... Fur..??? Oh, no... No, no, no... I carefully made my way to the small pond in the yard when I tried to take in the sight of what I saw... Don't scream, don't scream,... Ok... Scream!!!! TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (How many of you guys thought I turned into a werewolf??!!) And ever since then... On a full moon, the image of who I have become still haunts me...

Interesting stuff, huh? Well, now I'm going to put some more...Flipnote Hatena related stuff...

Main goal: To become a great animator. I love advanced animation.

Current goal: 300 fans (I'm SOO CLOSE!!! Well... Not entirely, but... IM GETTING THERE!!!!)

Top 5 things I have my fingers crossed for in my F.H account besides my goals I just listed (XD):

1. 10 blue stars

2. To become friends with Ari-Cat

3. 40 Green stars

4: 100,000 gold stars (Im almost there!!!)

5: To find a way to record my own adio

And there are some things I need to say,...

I will ONLY be on F.H at night. Why? Simple. Afew months ago, my bro and I were on F.H, I was on my DSi, he was on the computer. Soon, my bro had to go shower. So, he left. And, as stup!d as he is, he left F.H pulled up on the Internet. While my bro was showering, my mom needed to check her email, so she went on the computer. When she got on, she noticed how someone cu.rsed in a chat. After that, we were never allowed on F.H again... Afew months later, (about 5) I got an IPOD Touch for Christmas, when I realized you could go on the Internet on it. At first I only occasionally went on at night on my IPOD, soon, I went on every night (Still on my IPOD) and now, I'm on every night on my DSi. But, I sneak on once everyone's asleep. My bed time is 11 pm, so that's around when I'm online. So, yeah. That's all for now!! So, in conclusion, Fox will stay here in F.H (Oh... Did I mention that he's staying not only cause he's an important character, but also because the "Scrap Pile" went Ka-blewy??) (In other words, it blew up) What was originally known as the "Night Crawler" turned out to be the "Night Walker", that I make bad jokes, and a whole semi-biography about my new character, Tigris. Well, that's all!!!

S~F, Sighning out!!!!!

Full name

I'm not telling ju... o_o


... OK! I edmitt it!!! IMMA GIRL!!!!


Uhh..... 12..... I know,.... Shocking....



Blood type





I only give abbreviation of name... Oh, wait, I lied, I NO SAY!!!!!

Place of residence

... FL, that's all I'm saying....

Place of birth

Like I say, born in FL, raised in FL, stayed in FL


Drawing, video games, more video games, eating (I'm not fat, I promise), jumping off of stuff, (Ok, that's not even a hobbie!!!!)

Special skills

... Uh... Is this a trick question???!!!!!!!


I don't speak Espaniol. •-•

Random stuff I do a lot

Climb trees, jump off of the trees, scare my brother, eat pizza, scare my brother again, lay around doing absolutely nothing, breathe, eat stuff I'm most likely not supposed to, eventually get food poisioning from the stuff I'm not supposed to eat, and hide in small corners in both my closet/room for no aperant reason