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Hello you FR's and B@tches!JK.Lol.

Ok.I'm gunna do this thing called the cookie jar so you can know everything about me.

Q.So, what's your name?

A.Holly Shyt?!My name is Cris, >:U

Q.Do you enjoy hatena?

A.U bet i do!

Q.What's your favorite color? favorite colors are red and black.

Q.Who are your favorite creators

Aa.Oh crap, I don't want to list them all, then you be f***in' tired of reading it.

Q.u like pizza?XD

A.Of corse, who woudn't?

Q.Do you have a girlfriend?

A.No! =-= don't ever ask that ever again!!! XD

Q.What kind of game systems do u have?

A.Well...I have a dsi(holly shyt, not that)a psp, a wii, a xbox, a ps1, a ps2, a ds, a computer,(wait, WTF?not that)*delete*, ok, i also have a psp, and i think thats it, i guess,

Holly shyt, i didn't know that was that long? >:U


Q.ok, last question, (Me, finnaly!*lmao*)is your dsi blue?

Aa.No, its red you son of a *****.Just kidding!

ok, so that's all about me, i think, or is it...?