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Help us,the community participating,and Cheesepuff in making the International Good Flip Day successful!!! Check out my spin off for more!!


Ok, well, I have a Sonic OC named Fantasia Nao ^^ She's a Cat...And sexy too~

Well, My name is Shae actually, I use Jessica to hide myself..But I might as well come from hiding.... ^^; I like to draw certain things..Like Sonic,Furries, Scene Mutts,etc...I'm improving each day on my style >3< Sometimes, I wish I was at least a tiny bit famous, but..whatever right? We all get to be famous one day..


Other ways to contact me~

Da = http://www.RainbowxCookies.deviantart.com


iScribble: XxCuteJessxX or SupaSkittles..I'll be known as CookieRAWR or Rainbowxcookies, You can find me in the sonic board in the day time and in some random boards late at night..Reports of creation of rooms will be posted here...