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My Birthday is the second, so get busy with you gifts!

Lol, yeah right!

I am gonna have a contest for my birhtday soon so enter that!


Jalhan Corin Makavonovitch

Gender: Male

Species: Dog (I'm not sure witch breed)


Bio: His parents had him while they were still in high school so he lived with his grandfather when he was a small child. His parents eventually got married, but when he was seven years old his father caught his mother cheating on him and his mother left. He never saw her again.

Jalhan had a sister, named Malhagie, who committed suc!c!de when he was twelve, he feels like it's his fault because he wasn't very nice to her and didn't like her that much.

His father is an alcoholic. He and Jalhan get into very violent fights and hurt each other allot.

Personality: Jalhan is very shy and most of the time hates talking to people. He likes making people angry and is bullied allot because of it.

He has depression and has tried to k!ll himslef.

He has allot of anger and can be quite rude. He doesn't have any friends so he relies on his imaginary girlfriend Cynthia and talks to her constantly. He cuts himself and finds joy in watching other people suffer.

He comes up with scemes to publicly hummiliate his enemies and is an all around nasty person.


Father: Jakell Makavonovitch

Mother: Piper

Sister(De@d): Malhagie



I haven't posted a lot on it though.


Deviant art: http://swiftblackcat.deviantart.com/

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