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Hello, Hatena! You can have the favor of calling me SylverLin. :)


I've been a user of Flipnote Hatena since: August 6th, 2012! XD


About Me:

Birthday: July 17th

10yrs young

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Video Games, Animating

Personality: sensitive, and kind if you don't act weirdly to me.

My main language is English, but I speak Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin.

Inspirations: FleesVeon, Kiwi, RedVap, Socks, CandyChao!

I do simple animation flipnotes, and will move on to MVs soon!


I probably will never have Flipnote friends since Idk ppl in person who play it in RL.

Collabs: Closed for now

Icon Requests: Closed for now

Art Trade: Maybe, I'm not that good @ drawing...


3DS FC: 5327-1307-7047.

My mii is S!lverCun£. Just post a comment on one of my flips, will be submitting an FC one soon!


And I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to Jadewolf and Candychao, the first 2 people who fave'd me. They really encourage me to bring out the best in my flipnotes and give me hope that I'll be better in the future.

Not saying you HAVE to fave me, my animations do stink atm, it's your decision. And yes I understand if you don't like them. If you want you can comment on what I should improve. C:



()New Icon

(x)5 Faves

()10 flips

(x)5 stars

()Bronze Flipnote citizen


MVs for :

()Sierra [Chasing the Sun]

()Starlight [Airplanes]

()Summer [Tonight's the Night]

()Spark [Stomp on the Floor]

()Sylvia [Loco]

()Splash [Girlfriend]

()Shira [Teenage Dream]


OCs (animals):

  • Ashlynn the MockingWolf/NyanFox
  • King the Wolf (will probably put him ufa soon)
  • Britney, MacKenzie, Amanda, Brandon, Zach, and Adam the chipmunks of P4wsomeness and the Stre@kettez!


Pokemon OCs

  • Sylv@Lin the S!lverCun£
  • Sierra the Luneon
  • Starlight the Mysteon
  • Sylvia the Silveon (yes... XD)
  • Spark the Strikeon
  • Summer the Blosseon
  • Shira the Laveon
  • Splash the Waveon
Full name



Last time I checked, I was a FEMALE SilverCune.


A decade


July 17th

Place of residence

Big Apple


Drawing, Reading, Video Games, Hatena


English, Cantonese, some Mandarin


Fashion liked Justice
Vehicles liked Airplanes / Limos
Drinks liked Apple Juice / Milk / Water / Orange Juice
Music liked One Direction / The Wanted / Rhianna / MUNKETTEZ / ROADKILL (chipmunk band) / Katy Perry
Web services liked Global Link, Serebii / Minecraft, Artix Entertainment / Hatena, Club Penguin, Webkinz, Moshi Monsters / Gmail, Nyan Cat, Bra*nPop
TV Shows liked Austin and Ally / My Little Pony Friendship is Magic / Beyblade Metal Saga / Pokémon / ANT Farm / Jessie
Actors/Actresses liked Andrew, my summer school classmate
Location liked SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE, BABY! / Toronto, NYC, and Jersey (where my family lives) / Amusement parks / Great Wolf Lodge / Disney / Ocean City
Characters liked Peaches / Georgia / Hikaru Hasama / Shira / Selen, Sophie / Team Wang hu Zhong / Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash / Socks / Zeo / Nile / Kiwi / Madoka
Movies liked Bolt / Alpha and Omega / Alvin and the Chipmunks / Harry Potter / Brave / Ice Age 4
Celebrities liked The ones in my 'music' category ouo
Games liked Moshi Monsters / Flipnotes / Zelda / Pokémon / Artix Entertainment / Kirby / Club Penguin / Webkinz / Skylanders / Mario / ANYTHING NINTENDO!!!!
Comics liked Pokémon / Beyblade
People liked Anything on characters, celebrities/music, or animations / My friends ouo / My family ouo / My fans on Hatena and Colors! 3D
Cibo liked Cheese / Watermelon / Cookies / donuts
Art liked Anthropomorphic / Furry / Animals
Books liked Warriors / Secret Series / Harry Potter / Guardians of Ga'Hoole / Seekers / Hunger Games
Animation liked Insanity / Kiwi / Socks / FleesVeon / RedVap
Sports liked Soccer / Tennis / Golf / Baseball / Biking / Running / Dodgeball / Horseback Riding / Volleyball / Swimming
Animals liked SilverCunes / Any dogs, cats, birds, horses, or fantasy creatures / Dolphins / Eeveelutions / Chipmunk (Hybrids), Otters, SOME rodents