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I'm just here because animating is fun. :)

Hey everyone I am here in hopes of entertaining you guys and one day become a famous creator, but you gotta start somewhere.

My goals on Hatena:

100 fans: achieved

500 fans: achieved

1000 fans: achieved

3000 fans: achieved

5000 fans: nope

8000 fans:nope

10000: far from it!

my first green star: achieved

my first red star: achieved

my first blue star: achieved

my first purple star: nope

get into the most popular: achieved

most popular 5+: achieved

get a comment from a famous creator: achieved (shayatmos)

get faved by a famous creator: achieved(nickopz)


get rank 5: achieved

get rank 4: achieved

get rank 3: achieved

get rank 2: nope

get rank 1: nope

Main goal:

Become famous: I guess you can say I'm semi-popular. :D

Yes I finally got over one million stars and I have over one million views. Thank you guys so much!

(last updated 6/10/12)

Thats about it thanx fans for your support. I couldn't have done it without you guys.