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Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to look at this, but there's really nothing important to say about myself here. Oh well...

I would like to mention my good Hatena friends:

Kat Conley: One of Hatena's nicest creators ever.

SiscoBeat: A rocking girl with amazing skills. (No longer active)

Zone: One awesome dude.

Rebecca: My twin sister. :P

ShanShan0∞: A great person to hang out with.

55oFTo: I'm still not sure what he is. :P

TanlliLove: Yet another girl with rockin' skills.

BranBran: A cool, yet unknown creator. Check his series out sometime.

KatieKat: A very kind creator, and a good artist.

Otter: Epic... that is her definition.

Cya later.