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Hello, I'm Tailsy. If you've been wondering who that fox girl I've been putting in most of my flipnotes is, she is my O.C., Kirsten Fox. I decided to create her since I dislike all of the other Tails couples I've seen. Which means I support no other Tails couple BUT Sonails and MINES:Tailsten! And I'm sure lots of you noticed that most parts in my flips were highly rushed, which they were... Due to my epic laziness of course... -w- I'm just too impatient is all. No worries. ^^" Working on some more but I doubt they'll ever be posted any time soon... You know why. Let's just hope I try and finish something soon. <OwO>


September 1st

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Hospital xD

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Drawing, being annoying, etc. T-T


English (No, duh...), Spanglish