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DeviantART: TangiRose

ROBLOX: hannahmontannah365 (I made the account when I was eight or so...please don't assume I support that prissy pop-star)

I APPROVE OF THIS VIDEO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihMMw0rnKz4

I really don't feel like typing at the moment, so I'll do this later.

And by 'later' I mean a few months later.

So, all you need to know about me at the time being is that:

Above all, I'm a Christian

I'm a potato as well, and have an interesting philosophy behind it that I'm not willing to share at the time being

gramer is rely ipmortan two me

I'm a rather dedicated Invader Zim, Warrior Cats and Portal fan, and the said medias are usually the centre of my art and animations

It usually takes me half a year without exageration for me to finish my half of an art trade, so don't apply for one unless you're willing to be dissapointed

BlimeyCow and thecomputernerd01 pretty much compose of my entire YouTube

I prefer felidae over canine

Nyah. I'm done typing for the time-being. Goodbye for now.

Perfectly Normal,

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