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Greetings people of Hatena.

My name is BuddyWolf, also known as Buddy or BW and I stared Hatena in August/September. I mainly draw wolves and other animals. I may draw some wolves really well but other times I may draw them not so great... Anyways I love to draw and animate. My friends on Hatena are Lazerbeak, Dark Wolf, and Mist. You are all so awesome! My O.C's are Buddy, Sam, and Cody. I need some people to help link flipnotes for me if possible. If you do it helps a lot. Thanks. Also my best fans of all are Super Rhino and I♥autobots. Super Rhino and I♥autobots has helped me a lot to get some more fans. Thank you so much Super Rhino and I♥autobots!

~ Buddy Wolf

Places to Find me:


Wolf Quest:Tscalisi

Youtube: BuddyWolf555

Hatena: BuddyWolf ( of course you should know that)


Some Questions people may ask:

Can you unlock?

Mostly I will keep my work locked from stealers. I may unlock some flips.

Will you look at some of my flips?

I may or may not. If I am not busy I will look at them.

Can you do a collab with me?

I mostly do collabs with really, really, really, close friends.

Can we be friends?

Yes we can be friends!

Can I use one of your O.C's in my flips?

Yes but please give credit.


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