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Well as you know reader that my name is Metal Claw..yeah I know what your thinking.."Why the h3ll would she put Metal Claw as her name?!" hmmm, well I made it like that because as you see I don't have fingers.. :I I have claws.. anyways.. I came to hatena because I love it how you all have flipnotes to share and I hade soooo much stuff in my DSi that I wanted to share and it took up so much space.. I'm a great artist outside of hatena, and I sorta wanted to share it here also.. <:I.. anyways I draw monsters (as you can see I am one >:( don't judge),Aliens (I love those type of movies..), and historical legands from anywhere around the world(you know from Greece,Rome,Mexico,USA,China,Filipenes well I think thats how you spell it. Stuff like the Chupacabra or goat sucker, la llorona or the weeper, Geryon the three headed/and leged four armed giant, moth man,ect.). As you may also see that Monsters come from the under world (not h3ll), and aliens come from space. Monsters and aliens came from diffrent places for one thing... to take over this planet.. sooo when you put them in one place there will be drama.. xDD. Well all about meh: I'M A LATINA!! or mexican sorry I don't know what to call it..I love Tavros from Homestuck because I have more in common with him than my patron troll Karkat. I love patterns, almost every single type. I LOVE every type of music but mostly dub step and techno, the type I hate is nightcore because all they do is just make the song sound faster and the voices sound soo um.. squeky or alvin and the chipmunk like(I'm not hating Alvin and the Chipmunks it just that it makes the song sound bad.. <:()How I get my charecters is when I just free draw in my sketch pad and mix them around with diffrent styles and patterns. Hmmmm well if you want to know more just tell me and i'll answer it ok!