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Hi, this is Teh goose.

I sprite, and when I get lazy I rip the sprites. When I do that on popular characters, *cough* King Dedede *cough* I get lots of complaints, so don't try it unless you have lots of good fans, or everyone hates you. I am something in between.

I think I do too much for what I get. Maybe I don't. I just don't think that I am treated properly.

Basic desc.

I'm Canadian,

I'm here to make sprites.I have many Important projects.

My Nintendo 3DS fc is in my latest 3DS related flip.

I'm getting a Nintendo 3DS. It has Flipnote studio in late May.


I live in Ontario, I'm 10-15 yrs. I would like anyone to talk to me more often, because I squeal like a little girl when I see that I have Mail.

Sprites i'm working on-

Mecha Ridley-70%

BSL carrier-30%


1.Super Dread2 part 1- This is a Combination of Mario and Metroid, don't worry, I got a good storyline worked out:D 100% I AM TRYING TO POST BUT INTERNET IS HAVING PROBLEMS!

2.Four living stickmen are going to die- It is exactly as it sounds.The long awaited sequel.25%

Video game consoles.



Super Nintendo

Gameboy Advance (1)

Gameboy Advance SP (3)

Playstation 2

I know people with-

Nintendos (1)

Nintendo 64 (2)

Xbox 360 (?)

Playstation 1 (2)

Playstation 3 (?)

If you read this please tell me what you thought of it.