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hello! my name is brigid but you can call me dez. im not on hatena as much as i used to be but im not dead. :)


likes: HEK!!! X) music, drawing, friends, taking pictures of stupid things, shaking the soda bottles in convenient-store coolers, fedoras, faeries (not the stupid princess kind, the actual kind that'r small and nekkid and live in the forest) yelling random things, and some other things that i cant think of right now.

dislikes: a lot of people, haters, when i cant draw, when my drawings turn out bad, drama, drama llamas, being false reported, when my friends get false reported, when my friends r depressed, when people call me a f@g, when people like justin beiber (i respect your opinion though) when people tell me rock n roll is dead (IT ISNT!!!) when people take my hat, and other crap like that. MUAHAHAHA

fav color: BLUE BLACK N GREEN (any shades of those)

fav band: green day

fav book: jthm series

fav song(s): (it changes A LOT) right now... mu.rder city, static age, raise your glass.

fav...um.... i dunno: HEK!! <3