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I have a youtube account now :D so make sure to check out my channel. Some fans are wondering if I still will make flipnotes and the answer is...no :( sorry to say this but I gave my DSi to my little sister and I was 9-12 years old when I made these, making my flipnotes look odd and I have done some awful things to you guys in the past...Which is why I'm deciding to move on but I'm glad you guys started me out at flipnote hatena! It was fun and I got to learn about the real world...So I'm ready to be on youtube and hope you don't see me again XD sike! I was joking! If you guys do miss me just check me out I'm on youtube it's www.youtube.com/Teridax2000

And if you guys want me back... You'll have to beg me back by commenting me back like CRAZY :P but I'm sure you wont, or if nintendo's going to allow the application for the 3DS, I'll think about it, but as far as I know it's not happening.Sorry to disappoint you all but I'm ready to move on. Bye!