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Hello, this is Hyemi (A friend of Ahiru's). I am very sorry to say that Ahiru may or may not get back on Hatena for some time because she's been hospitalized. AGAIN.

A lot of you already knew about her diabetic issue, but if you didn't...well, now you do. Ever since she found out about her health problem, she really hasn't paid any attention to it (meaning, she continued to eat all those junk foods and just sat on her computer all day). Well, it has really caught up to her and she may not be getting out of the hospital for a long time. It is also (although unlikely) she could well... bite the dust. She's so sick right now that she cannot use her computer or Nintendo DSi, so that's why she asked me to write all this. I will try to get on Kimiko(?)s chat and tell you how she's doing.

This is a really serious matter you guys, and even though she isn't religious herself, I would suggest you all pray for her. She really misses her online friends.


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