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hello any one who see's this if you are reading this then i guess you are seeing

I am a nintendo fan of most of nintendo's games and as times a normal seriouse person with a nervouse position...or just a crazy derp that doesnt know what pie is till he shoves it up his nose...

Yes...i do speak spanish

si...i hablo espanol


BML:broken angel,human (blue cap and plumber ware)

BLYL:scientist,human (light blue cap and white lab coat)

DM:restless spirit,human (black cap and suit)

B:drawing,human (black hair and school polo)

Pokemon Characters:

TGD:dewott (blue scarf)

TGO:oshawott (light blue scarf)

Snivy Troop:restless spirit,snivy (black scarf,spear,wings)

Snivmeister:snivy (Green scarf,rose rod)

Facts:yes BML is based of Mario basicly infact BML and BLYL are said brothers

TGD is actually a second YT account i have that is for lets Plays which helps TGD's full name thatgamingdewott91

DM and Snivy Troop are technicly dead but are actually restless spirits and have obsidian weapons

Snivmeister's rose rod basicly has the powers of vine and vine based attacks (like vine whip and wrap) since snivmeister being only a kid cant really fight back himself

the humans and pokemon are actually counterparts to each other both by behavior and where they are in the character like selection

BML and TGD both act like behavioral leaders when at times they both have no clue whats going on

BLYL and TGO said younger brothers of BML and TGD are both smart but scardy cats

DM and Snivy Troop mostly look dull,fly around, and just simply hit things with their weapons which DM has a black sword while snivy troop has a black spear

B and Snivmeister are both play around with each other and every one around them and they both love to draw even if they are drawings them selves

even if BML is my main name i use B is actually the main character in my flipnotes