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Wanna meet me on Club Penguin? Here's the details you need:

Penguin name: Flamingice4

Penguin age: 150+ Days old

Server: Adventure

Status: Offline

Flipnote Hatena is like TV, If someone sees a star scam on tv, they would not be impressed. So let's just say that your DSi, DSiXL or 3DS was a mini TV screen. You come across a stick fight show, yes that's good! It fits the violence genre! and let's say Boarding School (A series made by Cloudy) is good because it's a series and fits the romance genre! so don't post anything like starbegging, etc. to Hatena! (Please don't blame me because some of my Flipnotes are not like TV shows.)

Hey! I know how to use hidden symbols that are not on the keyboard! =þ

Just copy and paste the following symbols...

cent sign ¢

Dutch florin ƒ

Euro currency €

generic currency ¤

Japanese yen \

foreign language AE ligature capital Æ

ae ligature lowercase æ

angle quotation marks (left) «

angle quotation marks (right) »

angle single quotation marks (left) ‹

angle single quotation marks (right) ›

angstrom capital Å

angstrom lowercase å

double S ß

French C cedille capital Ç

French C cedille lowercase ç

Icelandic/Old English Eth capital Ð

Icelandic/Old English Eth lowercase ð

Icelandic/Old English Thorn capital Þ

Icelandic/Old English Thorn lowercase þ

Nordic O slash capital Ø

Nordic o slash lowercase ø

OE ligature capital Œ

oe ligature lowercase œ

S caron capital Š

s caron lowercase š

upside-down exclamation mark

upside-down question mark ¿


math symbols Asymptotic ≈

Degree symbol °

Delta Δ

Division sign ÷

Fraction 1/2 ½

Fraction 1/4 ¼

Fraction 3/4 ¾

Greater than >

Greater than or equal

Infinity symbol ∞

Left Angle Bracket 〈

Less than <

Less than or equal

Micro µ

not symbol ¬

Ohm sign Ω

Per Mille (1/1000) sign ‰

Pi symbol π

Plus/minus sign ±

Right Angle Bracket 〉

square root radical sign √

Sum sign ∑

punctuation bullet •

Copyright ©

Dagger †

Double Dagger ‡



Paragraph ¶

Registered symbol ®

Section Symbol §


symbols Club



Spade ♠

tilde accents lowercase a with tilde ã

lowercase n with tilde ñ

lowercase o with tilde õ

uppercase A with tilde Ã

uppercase N with tilde Ñ

uppercase O with tilde Õ

umlaut lowercase a with umlaut ä

lowercase e with umlaut ë

lowercase i with umlaut ï

lowercase o with umlaut ö

lowercase u with umlaut ü

lowercase y with umlaut ÿ

uppercase A with umlaut Ä

uppercase E with umlaut Ë

uppercase I with umlaut Ï

uppercase O with umlaut Ö

uppercase U with umlaut Ü

uppercase Y with umlaut ÿ

I've added bonus ones too!

Flipnote Frog: [emoji:h00]


You can make pictures as well!





100,000 Stars

105 Fans



Did you know that the square root of 1867876324989754789458974 is 75498543978987543754549387978543987534987543... PFFT! That's a long number!


I'm good at counting upwards in indonishan

Indoneshan (Spelling error?) Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima, Enam, Tujuh, Delapan, Sembilan, Sepuluh, Satubelas, Duabelas, Tigabelas, UGH...


♦SO, what are you waiting for¿ Use these symbols and thing in comments, descriptions, etci♦

SO, what are you waiting for? Post, Post, Post!!

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