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"when life gives you lemons throw them back and say what do you expect me to do make lemonande"

hello my name is_____ but i recently found out that my actual birth name is______

now onto questions

Whats your age?

"older then 15"

Are you single?

"p!ss off i like being single dB"

will you date me?

Y U No-


who are you friends?

finally a good question*clears throat*ok my friends are:Zero76,DBroX,Nosebleed,StarGirl,LaLa,Jacy,Sora,Chi,Chay,Shadow,Monsty,Firefox,SuperNova,34Wacky,TurboAlpha,Hero,Riptide,Devin,Purplz,ect.

why dont you make anymore flips?

"i still do its just the fact that

A:im either lazy or deppressed

B:i do but then i have to find ways to cheat the ink limit"

Are you going to ACTAULLY make Scared Fire ep1?

"yes i am just taking time to find the right paints"

Do you like anyone on Hatena dB?

[no comment]

So you do?!

"stfu questions!"

welp that is all for today adios mi amigos