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Hi! I'm Matthew! (I prefer to go by Matt.) You can defenently tell that I like cats. I like the Warrior sereis by Erin Hunter. But, I don't relly like the Seekers series cause, I'm not a really big fan of bears.Oh, and my name is Deathface (Well I used to be Thunderstar of Blazeclan but it was to small so I joined Lightclan.)

Here are the charactoristics of me IRL:

I am fourteen years old and I use up most of my time playing video games, ( I'm a major gamer, I almost know every cheat code in the world, lol.) I tend to eat practacly anything, ( I'm not fat! Or skinny, just saying.)

Anyways, I am quite smart for my age, got that from my big brother.

I like to listen to Switchfoot, Train, and John Mayer. I spend some of my time playing piano, recorder, and a trumpet.

And I play these following sports (ALOT!) Soccer, tennis, bowling, baseball, basketball, valeyball, football, and running. (Now you will probly say I'm a MAGOR athlete because, I am. Here's Burty's idea: You addme I add you. ( Sorry if I'ts like stealing your idea, I just did it cause its just a great idea!) And hope you like my flips!

A message to Bluestar:

I promise to be loyal to my clan.

Oh, and I'm very nice to everyone

evan people I've never met.(Especally people on Hatena.)

And I am very promising.

I am now taking reqests!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's about it.