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Hi im Black Ice.....

fav. food: Ice cream

fav. drawing subject: Wolves (duh x_x)

fav. TV show: wolfs rain and Chuck :D

B.f.f.s:XNeonWolfX, xXStitchyXx, Nobody else...:(

fav. music artist: Owl City, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Green Day...etc.

My favorite things to do are draw, animate, sit on da computer and do absolutely nothing (JK) , hang with meih friends (yayz;3) ......

Up coming flipnotes:

Bad Apple AMV (fail) done

Let it di.e AMV (cool...ish) just started

Tsuki Preview (awesome) Almost done

Flawed Design (...) Haven't started yet

Edit me! (cool...ish) Kinda started

New character Tuski! (....) haven't even created :p

k im done.... for now