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( Ash: This is obviously a 2P England account as well so if you see me as 2P England I am currently roleplaying at that time. )

Ello there everyone. This is Arthur Kirkland here telling you all my dearest, Ashia, has wanted to do a fresh start :)<3.

A word from her:

HEY SUP EVERYONE :D it's Ash here. Yeah yeah -w- I wanted to start brand new, even though all of my precious fans are gone ;A; which I can still have new friends <33

so yeah . I hope we all can be friends again >3< <3

Anyways, I will be on here sometimes with her just not all the time. Ashia will be on sometimes as well but she is currently and mostly on those other particular sites; as Facebook , Tinierme , and Deviantart

Here are the links where you can locate her:

Facebook: Arthur CupcakeandKnives kirkland

Deviantart: She has 3: TheDerptasticBro(real life account),

_TasteInsanityPoppet( A silly roleplay account she made when she roleplay's as me;it's quite adorable >7

AskLittleMrsCupcake ( Uhoh-beek's female version of me )

Tinierme: (she has two of them :D!) 2P Arthur and 2P America

Enjoy yourselves :)

Sincerely, Arthur Kirkland.