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Hello everyone, I'm MitzyZie, however you can also call me by the other names: Jeff, Toalix, Toails, or Eddie. I'm making true spin-offs of great creators, because of rip-offs happening around these days. I'll be also be doing real flips and enter in contests if it's interesting enough. I don't mind at all for stars but comments are welcome.

While I'm active here, I only watch and star flipnotes. Flips are posted whenever I can, since I'm not that good at them (lip-syncing). So don't expect that much from me. I am free to chat, just don't spam.

For the link of Jeff7SUN11, post this below.


It'll be uncommon when a flip will be made. Spin-offs will appear more often and rip-offs is disallowed.

By the way, am I tagged? Please tell.

I appear in other places too, visit them when you can.

Here is my Mario Kart Wii FC just in case I play Mario Kart. 1548-4564-6870