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Hey you honey child! (Just so you know I call everybody honey child...) I love my friends and family! I love my friends on here they are so supportive please check out their art they are AMAZING! No lie. I have three goals on here; 1:To become a famous creator without forgetting my close friends on here because they're the reason I will probably be there!! 2:To continue many role plays with my friends and even make more! 3:To have fun!!! :D I'm a little religious (who am I kidding I AM religous :3) but my two best friends are wicken and one is bi and one is g@y!!! And I love them so much because they are so supportive!!!!!! I love you Emi (you're like a sister)!!! Um my friends include Akat, Doku Usagi, DemonWolf, Akuseru, CubFolan+, Schnauzer,and Raven!!! They are so nice so if you steal their art I will find you and hurt you!!!! :D