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Hi, I'm a person who simply likes drawing and animating...ALOT... And some day do that for a living. I hope every one likes my flip notes and maybe some day I'll be a #1 creator on Flipnote Hatena, well that would only be possible thanks to my fans. Because of you guys that I have gained confidence more and more with each Flipnote I post and eventually get better every time. Right now.... I'm trying to try to learn Japanese as fast as possible so I can translate my flipnotes in Japanese better. So, enjoy my flipnotes and please... Spin-off my flipnotes with your own drawings, that's why I never lock them like I did before in my last 3 ( yeah... 3 ) accounts. ( this is the 4th and last ) also, please... Do not steal other people' s art work.... I know how it feels when some steals your art work and they don't give you credit at all( not only it has happened to me in Hatena... But also in real life ) It' s frustrating when you find out when some one has stolen your art work... So don't do it to other people. I understand that gaining skill for drawing is tough... But nothing is easy in this life, what you have to do is to work hard and never give up on a dream of becoming anything you want to be in life. For example, I have been drawing ever since I can remmember.... This means that I was meant to draw like few of my family members ( very few.. Only one uncle and a cousin... But they don't do it for a living ) I had my heart set for a long time now but even if you don't I'll come to you eventually and you will find out what you truly want to do. Wow.. I'm writing too much... The last statement sounds like in a persuasive perspective...( sorry, I'm too much of a nerd and I get into writing once I start...) it's supposed to be a self introduction right?.... Well, I think I'm done then. Have Fun!








High School Student

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El Salvador


Drawing, playing video games

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Drawing and video games


Spanish and English