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I am a Filipino ! > 3 <

Filipino PRIDE! I am also a Guamanian.. :P

I love Manga and Anime!! <3 Some say Otaku.. O A O

I Love every single movie made by Studio Ghibli and the genius behind all of it Hayao Miyazaki! <3 All of his movies make me cry~ In a Good way.. :P

Most of the time I read Manga or Play..

Most of the Games that I play are ones that I wish where real..

Most Import Games : Kingdom Hearts , Final Fantasy , Star Ocean , Chrono Cross , Lunar , Zelda , Mario ,& A bunch of other things that I forget.. :P

SO Prepare to see Flipnotes about it~! >:D

Music ? Well I like rock , techno , some pop , some country , classic , jazz , some types of rap , & VOCALOID!,.. So Tell me if you post any music!! I'll Be Waiting..

I play a few instruments.. Mainly The Clarinet!! Piano, Flute, Alto Saxophone ,

Oboe, and Guitar! <3 So I will make some Flips that are original~

About Me again :

I Believe in Unicorns .. <3 ( I love them because they poop out rainbows.. :D)

But get confused by them because the rainbow does not contain the Color Brown..>:C)

And Also I will try to do my best so.. Beware!!