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Dear reader,

I've been on hatena for a long time now and i've been enjoying it. i've met new people and made more animation. I've changed my name a few times and posted lots of icons. I've even made new friends! I have lots of friends but if i told you them all then you would be reading this all day so i'll just mention a few:

1: Oscar101

2: Jmc*Spike

3: Note

4: 101%

5: Some friends that haven't posted yet (not a user name. lol)

If you're not on there don't get mad at me this is just some of my friends.

About me:

I turned 11 like 3 months ago. I like being friends with all ages so if you're 9, 10, 12, 13, etc. don't dislike me because I'm younger or older than you. I like making stick figures move. (if you don't believe me? check my flips there like 50 flipnotes with stick figures moving) I'm a boy, lol (we all know that) I'm into Electronic and techno music. (also dubstep, breakbeat, electric house and progressive house)

Phewww!!!... A lot of facts.

I Have now deleted all of my star contests on purpose and i lost like over 1,000,000 stars :o

I'm tired of typing... I'm going to stop here.


I got a DSiXL and I started another account called ☆★Spark★☆. All my new flipnotes will be posted there. I will no longer post flipnotes on this file. My new account is in my favorites.

Posting flipnotes every-so-often on my new file (☆★Spark★☆) so check them out.