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Hey its Glace~/ Paige! <xP

Likes: pudding, animals, outdoors, ice cream, Party Rock by:lmfao, the beginning of Watch me by: Zendaya xP, mangoes, summer, the number 12, and sunflowers, dancing, and the subject science :D

Dislikes: bugs, dust, smoke, FRs, stealers D:<, cauliflower, people that think they can dance but can't(though I do find it funny <xP), pears, and whatever games my brothers play other than SA2B and Halo Reach and Driven...etc. dB> lol

I don't take dance lessons but people say I look like a professional dancer so flattered(not bragging)

My Birthday is August 12th! Im turning 13 n stuff :B

Btw~ Yuna's is next week!!! So tell her happy birthday and give her a big fat creeper hug and lick ;D

Well thats all! You can go like a mudkipz now! >:D