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WOW! 100 FANS! After two years of work, I FINALLY GET 100 FANS! Thank you guys for the support and love you give me to keep going!

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Anyway, here's facts and some FAQ's

Name: Cristian

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Birthday: March 2nd, 2000

Grade: 7th

Country: USA

State: California

How I found Hatena:

I got my first DSi on Christmas Day of 2009. I quickly RAN to my room and checked out the games and softwares (My DSi came with 3 Mario games in the DSi.) I saw a frog and thought it was another animal game, so I didn't even try it for a few days. Then I got bored of my other games, and I FINALLY clicked it. And since then, I LOVED it. Then on January 15, 2010, I opened a Hatena account.

Why I didn't post anything from "Feb. 4, 2011" to "Apr 24, 2011."

Ever since I got my DSi, my L button never worked some my dad disassembled my DSi to fix it, after he put back together it still didn't work, so my dad took it apart again. But the second he lost something so he can't put it back together, I wasn't mad because it was summer time. Around March 2011, my dad bought a DSiXL for a sorry present. But I can't use because I gave the DSi for lent. Then on the day after Easter, I posted my "welcome back" flipnote.

Why I only posted 3 flipnotes between "Jan 28, 2012" and "Mar 17, 2012"

I was grounded for NINE MONTHS! I was grounded because of my REALLY bad grades. But my dad said when we're on vacation, I can use it. So, my road trip to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Texas. I got wifi from my hotel(s). Then I got my DSi back early because I changed my report card from 1's to 4's. So yeah.


100 Stars...Completed!

200 Stars...Completed!

500 Stars...Completed!

1,000 Stars...Completed!

20,000 Stars...Completed!

30,000 Stars...Completed!

40,000 Stars...Not Completed.

100,000 Stars...Not Completed.

1,000,000 Stars...Not Completed.

20,000,000 Stars... Please! I'm not Gizmo or Anthony!

1 Green Star...Completed!

3 Green Stars...Completed!

10 Green Stars...Not Completed.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Green Stars...Not Completed.

1 Red Star... Completed!

No Blues...

No Purples...

More flips coming soon...