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Hello my name is Derenique .../Destini

I'm a beast doe x] faster den a mofo

My friends

  • Wife
  • Nae
  • Daneshia
  • Hawaii
  • Sky
  • Sylar
  • Karla
  • Tasha

:P I got nothing to say...so bye lol

I'm 15 and living the fxxking life

Blowing kisses all all my haters ;)

Hmm... your swag played out lmao...who tf says Swagger ?.

Soccer Caption dis year yeah bxxtch x] right midfield/ right forward

I'm forever A Falcon! Class of 2015 :P

Your girl washed up and faded lmao...

But I'm a pretty chill person :]

Shawty ah weh yu come from?.