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Sup guys its Wheatley! I took over Vain Glory's account! Yeah! ME! Tiny Wheatly! But I feel abit bad for em seeing as I stoo-borrowed his hatena account. Hes says he doesn't care too much becuase he has team fortress 2 on steam. I don't know what that his but it has something to do with hats because he asked me to send him anybody who wanted to give him hats. Donno whyd ya need more than one. Pah humans. He told me that if I didn't send him hats, I would die! So if you all would like more Portal 2 flips and whatnot I suggest someone give him a hat or whatever metal key things hes talking about. Some one stole his so now hes all bumhurt about it. His steam name is Vain Glory. Go add him and give him a hat and be his friend. I think he needs friends. Becuase this is what he does with his free time .