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Umm... Im obsessed with Vampires, and have lots of friends on hatena Becky, Felix, Claudia (Twin), James... and thats all i can remember atm lol blond (im a brunette lol) Moment i guess xx Hmm... If your some stalker, then... i live at: 24 lol just kidding road, in I cant believe you actually thought i'd tell you, by you are seriously stupid, on planet... wait why am i telling you this?

I have an imaginary, bisexual, homicidal, pervy friend/ enemy, who is probably proposing to someone atm, even though he already has 3 wives, two husbands, fifteen grandchildren, and a pony named bobster the pony. He also loves Justin Bieber, unlike about three quarters of the people on this planet.

I have nothing against Bisexuals(Cos I am one), Gays or Lesbo's so yeah...

I'm not racist...

I badly want a ginger kitten called-wait for it- Ginger

I believe in Peppa Pig

I am currently married to edward cullen and have a kid called- No... sadly thats someone else

Im half turk half english

I can speak: English, Spanish and am fluent in french when it comes to words i REALLY shouldnt be saying

And thats all!!!!


Tali Xx

So yeah...