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I am an Invader Zim and Sonic fan girl they are the best I am a mary-sue and I love Sonic Zim and Dib so please do not bother me about it I dont go around saying me and zim dib or sonic are married like Mrs.Zim so ya and I love doing Edit-Me's and im starting to draw my own Irkens so that will be fun and im pretty random some times and i am addicted to nintendo i stay up all night on it sometimes and here are some more things about me

Favorite Band/Singer:Evanescence

Favorite Song:Bring me to life

Hair color:Brown


Number of human O.C.s:10

Number of Irken and sir O.C.s:4 irkens and sirs

Number of sonic O.C.s:4

eye color:green

Favorite color:yellow

Lucky color:red

Favorite food:Taco's

Favorite Ice cream Flavor:Cookies and cream

Pets:1GreatDane 3Cats 1bird

Sibling(s):1 sister 3 brothers

what i think is annoying:when my dog barks at nothing


Fave creator:Invader Gar,Afro Toad,Gizmo,Eli Fox

Fave animal:Cheetah

Instruments I play:Drums,Singing and a little guitar

Day or Night:Night

Pepsi or Dr.Pepper:Dr.Pepper


And that is all about me.

I will do an update everyday that i am on the website.

Almost daily update:

July 10th

My nintendo is missing i have 3 days left till i get my flipnote citizenship

August 7th

My moms baby shower was today and it was epic

August 20th

My icon contest ends in 10 days and i only have one beginning to draw pretty good and my cousin is back in town so thts good but he is super perverted and knows a bunch of things he shouldnt